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Book Bag of knowledge is a website created to keep you informed and educated with real-world navigational skills relating to our "core systems." We noticed that most of the time, there is way too much news coming at us from everywhere. But how many of us have a good grasp of our core systems. The core areas refer to our legal, consumer education, insurance, housing, social, political, and economic systems as well as government services. Real-world everyday issues and concerns that impact our daily lives. This site is unique in that you can create your very own magazine-style digital folder, where you will keep pockets of informative, practical knowledge. As you gain real-world application of these topics, you will earn credits that you can redeem for real tangible social rewards! So, please check it out, especially those great rewards! And let us know your thoughts.

Wayne Smith

Who we are and what we are about

  • We are a very innovative, creative platform designed to empower you with useful knowledge in the real world.
  • We focus on 8 "core" areas with real world practical application
  • You will be able to create your very own personalized digital folder to store all your categories and knowledge credits.
  • We are unique in that you are rewarded for gaining¬†knowledge beneficial to your everyday life.
  • You will gain knowledge from everyday knowledge experts in the real world in a news/magazine style website platform.

We guarantee this platform will positively impact your daily life!