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A Touch of R&B and Soul



The kind of music that stands the test of time is music that causes you and I to reflect on time past; the present and future generations to come. When was the last time you really heard a sound that gets you to reflect on yesterday and gets you in today’s time frame as well?

What’s deep down in a person’s spirit never goes away; eventually it gives birth. The art of making someone feel good through the power of music is an awesome thing. As a recording artist and songwriter there is no idea of who and when your message will penetrate and touch your listeners’ hearts. Everyone has their own expressions of emotions; their own way of accepting what is being said through song.

There should be a message in your music that gives your listeners’ time to think, react, and focus on the times in which we live in. It is about making good music that touches the soul for the betterment of one’s well-being. The lyrical content along with the beats and melodies that paints a picture to get you in the mood is magical. The latest soulful sounds from Varges Thomas; featuring his older Mark; professionally known as “Pleasure More” gives you their best with their first collaboration since the New Horizons days. The song “Something Special” is just that.

It’s a tune that will make you want to get sensual from the emotional side of a man expressing his feelings towards the woman he truly loves and cares about, it’s a sound and message to get you in a relaxed state of mind with having a sense of purpose and commitments in your relationships. Recording artist who are able to make you feel their music, emotions, and spirit are the artist whose music will last throughout lifetimes. Fans want to hear an artist with versatility and music that will touch their inner most being. As a record producer it is their job to use their expertise to produce music that will bring out the artist’s versatility that will touch fans throughout the world.

As a music lover, next time you get ready to download, stream, or listen to your favorite songs; let the music move you in such a way that it will allow you to decompress and be renewed in your mind, body, soul and spirit. Music is universal and touches us all differently.


Source by Clark A. Thomas



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