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Once upon a time in a land called America, the people were grateful and appreciative of all the resources that the land bestowed upon them. They loved the rivers, lakes and oceans. They appreciated the bounty of flora and fauna, and the people lived accordingly. They took freely from all the land offered them, without guilt, but always with a reverence for their Good and Plentiful Natural Resources. As a result of their great appreciation of Nature, they produced goods and services for each other that reflected the Quality they enjoyed in Nature. Cars were built to last, beverages were sold in recyclable glass bottles, and people trusted the quality of a product labeled, “made in America” to be Good.

Then, the human mind took over and disseminated into the economy of America a mindset of “not enough”. This made its way into every nook and cranny of American commerce. The banks didn’t make enough money, the share holders didn’t make enough money, and therefore, no business or corporation made enough money. So, the human mind set about creating myriad ways of cutting costs in the relentless pursuit of making more money, but no matter how much they did make, it wasn’t enough.

So, instead of quality materials, synthetic and chemically engineered materials were used in all manner of applications. Quality was watered-down wherever and whenever possible. The manufacture of goods was shipped to places where people would work for pennies on the dollar. Soon, cars, clothes and even food were of such a poor quality, that multiple purchases were required to fulfill requirements. This, of course, didn’t work, but by now the people had no choices. They had to buy cars that lasted only 2 or 3 years and ended up in the land fills as well as endless plastic containers, and disposable clothing. Since they were made of so many chemicals, the rivers, water tables, lakes and oceans became contaminated and were now poisoning the people. All these things happened because the people believed that there was never enough money, and they had to cut costs, which meant cutting quality in order to have more money. Of course, it was all a big lie to begin with, but everyone believed it, and so the entire economy was built on that lie.

Then, one day the whole economy came crashing down, because anything built on a lie cannot sustain and is not sustainable in Natural Law. The people were in shock as consumption screeched to halt. They no longer had jobs with companies who had produced poor quality products or services. They also found that they were sick in record numbers, as agriculture and farming had gone the same “not enough” way as did the other industries. The food was now of such poor in quality that it did not nourish the people as their bodies required. In droves they went to doctors to be cured. But alas, this was not possible in their current mindset of “not enough’.

As the recession increased in severity, and poor health and dismal futures loomed, the people slowly began to turn their focus inward to discover within themselves how, they might create their own recovery, as well as their Nation’s recovery. At last they learned that within each one of them was the ultimate Quality and that they had been settling for less than Quality for years. They realized the lie under which they had been laboring: the lie of not enough. Once each person had reconnected with Self and learned of their own Infinite Nature and unending Good, they once more desired Quality in their physical lives, to match the Quality they had rediscovered within themselves.

Across the nation new businesses and ideas sprang up that were full of Life, Love, Truth, Beauty and Goodness, not to mention effective, efficient and always of Quality. Once the people had rediscovered Who They Really Were, the Quality of their creations changed, and once more Quality was synonymous with “Made In America”. This time, however, the consciousness of the people had been raised to a higher level of Oneness and personal connection with Source. Never again would the people fall prey to the big lie again, for they were no longer separated from Source and felt the Infinite Supply within themselves; and this Infinite Supply was Quality.

Not the end.

Source by Kathy Kirk


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