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Ben Scott Garden Design

Before: There wasn’t much of a design to speak of when Scott and his team started this project. “The garden was extremely neglected. All we had to work with were two beautiful established trees — a liquidambar at the front of the house and an evergreen magnolia at the back,” Scott says.

The liquidambar quickly became the focal point of the design for the front yard, with Scott introducing a rich layering of herbaceous perennials and ornamental grasses in what is essentially one large garden bed sheltered beneath its broad branches.

“Originally, the client thought to use lawn for the front garden, but I talked them out of it, as I wanted to have it all as a garden bed with a lovely pathway that meandered through it,” Scott says. “The result is a mini botanic garden that works well with the house and the retained tree. It creates a wonderful experience as you walk through it,” he says.

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