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In a recent paper (Organization and Classification of Nanotechnology: A Pathway to the Standardization of Nanotechnology), the researcher on engineering and nanoscience points to the urgent need to focus on the emancipation of nanotechnology. Standardization as a way, to reach an accurate index and ranking to nanotechnology. It is not new, and there are already books and valuable works that deal with this theme, however, this work tries to rekindle and popularize this subject.

By the urgent need that urges the standardization of nanotechnology, and with that achieve the proper emancipation of nanotechnology as a science and technology that can walk on its own. In the same paper, the researcher seeks to present the techniques and means for classification, categorizing this technoscience through 6N, which includes: nanometre, nanoscience, nanotechnology, nano-visualization, nanomanipulation and nanomanufacturing.

A technical index and ranking to nanotechnology and its standardization through scientific diagrams is the best way for a full development of this science so that it becomes nanotechnology. “Standardization index and ranking for nanotechnology will improve the ability to big, medium, small business and entrepreneurship, manage and forecast new goods.”

The emancipation of nanotechnology will begin to occur when starting an organization of this science, through indicators as a nanotech technical Index and mainly by a standardization.

In computing and mechanical engineering, it is already established work patterns, just as in any common discipline, no different the nanotechnology need a pattern. The classification consists of levels, considering the scientific and technological complexity of each item based on nanotechnology. With this classification, it is easier to visualize, define and classify products, containing nanotechnology, demonstrating and indicating better the space to grow and develop of this science.

Comprehend well at least there is a sector involved in the whole chain, from end to end, of the concept of sale, in a complete way. But, furthermore, a simpler reference to the sector was lacking. Not a list, but sort of a quick lookup chart. As in game screens, in which there are already achieved levels of progress. In this way, with much consultation and readings on the subject, always looking for a less conceptual model, and more practical. In this way, I developed an initial model, this can be improved with data collection to guarantee the degrees of difficulty. Classified in levels that confer from level I to VI, and although the cosmetics sector has been allocated at difficulty level I, depending on the data inserted in the algorithm, added to the difficulties involved, the complexity of the product, whether it involves complex synthesis or only one formulation based on some simple unitary operation. And from hundreds of variables to classify complexity, the level of the nanotechnology-based product is allocated. Following the model in the image.

That need small models to pull this industry through indexes, charts, rankings, indicators, index, scientific diagrams and indicators or development thermometers. Like a manual with standardization to give a north without plastering, to standardize without locking. Lack of global view of application and results, at least possible applications. How to qualify the pattern if you do not already have a pattern. This is the urgent task as a challenge for nanotechnology, the quest for its emancipation through standardization, scientific diagrams, tables, standards, ranking and index for nanotechnology. And with these steps, we will finally see emancipated nanotechnology as a new science.

Source by Edilson Gomes De Lima


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