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As a boy, my parents traveled with me. As a teenager, I traveled and as an adult I have discovered that there is more to why we all traveled.

The truth is that we are all on a journey but it matters how we travel on our paths. We must define our purpose in other to find our path as we travel, and fulfill our purpose as we travel.

Years ago, I embarked on a journey that took me about twenty hours to get to my destination. It was a long and inspiring trip. As we traveled all night and day, I had the privilege of setting my mind to work beyond the five senses. It became very interesting on that day when I got the vision of who I am created to be.

Life is a journey that requires us to live on purpose. It is very beautiful to get wise to what you were born to do, so that you can embark on a journey of success, knowing your path and purpose. You may not need to travel all your life, because you need quality time to move others forward to fulfill their purpose.

The journey of life demands fulfillment and there is no limit to it. If you can conceive and believe it, you will achieve it and receive pleasurable satisfaction out of it.

These nine laws of limitless will empower you to harness your true potential to live your powerful purpose:

Law of Upbeat: You must fill yourself with what it takes to be in high spirits and be of good cheer in order to increase your state of well-being. Live the good life that is marked by favorable activities and economic success; be in high spirits without exception.

Law of Encouragement: To fill another with courage or strength of purpose especially in preparation for a hard task is to give the support of your approval to another. Every one needs an inspiration that comes with courage, spirit or hope. Give a shot in the arm of someone to perfect the works of his or her hands. There is a favor released when you lend your countenance to somebody or smile upon someone to sail beyond the wave of the sea and fly above the latitude of the sky. There is no endorsement better than supporting another to improve and attain a greater level of fulfillment.

Law of Skill: The way you manifest the knowledge, ability and experience needed for success in every area of life is blessed. You are an expert whose expertise can cause forward movement especially on a course of action or development. There is ability in your dexterity! Empowering others to proceed or progress toward a success goal is directly proportional to getting higher in rank or position. Get things accomplished with proficiency and you will make others masters of their own expertness.

Law of Trustworthiness: It is OK to have confidence that is of price but it is of greater price to have qualities that merit confidence. If you really want to remain true to fulfilling your purpose and live very successfully in this life, there must be an established place in you where one can find the confidence of conviction.

Law of Approachability: As you get flushed with success and flush with money, do not give yourself to overweening pride but let the pride of your primrose empower people who will be pride of the herd. You may not need to pride yourself on your ancestry in view of the fact that there is posterity to establish. As you get very successful in this life, allow people to come to you. Be friendly to teach them the higher truth of making the system that drives the progress of humanity a better place.

Law of Caring: The only way to deal with negligence and indifference is to care for one another. The sagacity that gets the city better is to make money look like nothing to give the society something worthwhile. The only way to eradicate disquieted state of mind in this world is to give serious and heedful attentiveness to those in the darkest night.

Law of Communication: When you speak, you must make known the greater truth of life. There must be a message and contact in your speech which will enable interchange of thoughts or opinions through shared symbols in a way that increases grace. It is time to pass on words of honor that builds noble people in your community and raise champions of the centuries.

Law of Vibrancy: When you are crowned with success, do not stop there. Let the resounding of success inspire you to achieve greater success. The best time to be pulsating with life and increase your quality of mental force to exert dynamism for a greater accomplishment is in this day and age. This is the golden age when we must manifest great vitality and masterful drive to build a gold mine that will keep us ahead of the game. The land is green; the future is very bright; your activity must be full of creativity and productivity to establish your immortality.

Law of Respect: The measure of your being on the fly to parade the wares of your flying colors should reflect your worth of esteem. Your being at work to make a success must be marked by regard for another and earned deference. Your gracious sail and flying colors are full of greater glory to the extend that you must be on top of things and hold your state of well-being in high esteem as you inspire others to go into raptures over your higher living.

Copyright, Anyaele Sam Chiyson

Source by Anyaele Sam Chiyson


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