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Set the table for abundant at-home learning this holiday season with the help of Discovery Education’s no-cost interactive learning resources for families. Read on to explore a holiday buffet of standards-aligned K-12 family learning content that will open up all-new avenues for students to uncover vital real-world knowledge, while equipping parents with streamlined tools to maximize at-home learning during the holidays.  

It’s important for students to stay committed to healthy habits and sound nutrition throughout the highs and lows of the holidays. 

Keep students moving in positive directions throughout the holiday doldrums with lively family activities plus exciting videos and a virtual field trip that enlists the help of awesome NFL stars.
Learn More at NFL PLAY 60 

As families may face a variety of stressors this holiday seasonhelp students keep their minds strong with these unique opportunities to share meaningful moments of discovery with loved ones. 

Support students’ emotional wellness skills as they spend extra time engaging with family and loved ones with uplifting activities and a versatile parent toolkit that promotes meaningful interactions and resiliency.
Learn more at Discover Your Happy 

Add transformational learning experiences to the menu with easy-to-use activities that bring to life the importance of managing emotions, understanding others, and making positive decisions that contribute to being a good team member.
Learn more at Soar with Wings 

Parents and caregivers play a crucial role in helping students develop confidence, self-esteem and positive body image. Family resources from Amazing Me, a program developed in partnership with the Dove Self-Esteem project, provide engaging activities to support elementary students. Families can join together to start meaningful conversations that will have a lasting impact on the road to teaching students to appreciate their awesome selves! 

While holiday shopping season isn’t usually considered educational – outside of cautionary online videos of Black Friday gone wrong – it’s actually a perfect case study to teach students about fundamental economics and financial literacy concepts in a way that they can appreciate. 

Get students thinking proactively about ways they can Earn, Save, Spend, and Donate during the holiday season and beyond with family activities and awesome animated music videos that make financial concepts memorable for young people.
Learn more at Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids 

Inspire positive family discussions around students’ financial futures with a suite of easy-to-navigate learning tools covering all the keys teens need to achieve financial success.
Learn more at Pathway to Financial Success 

The new year will be here faster than you can say “Enough with the new already!” Looking ahead to 2021, let’s remember that the world needs young problem solvers and solution seekers more than ever– just as much as they need the support of family members and educators to develop the STEM skills necessary to succeed in our fast-changing world. 

Let family members become students lab partners over the holidays with a series of super simple home science experiments that require nothing more than common household items.
Learn more at 3M Young Scientist Lab 

Give students plenty to be excited about as they consider their future with a variety of thought-provoking activities that engage the whole family in the infinite possibilities of STEM.
Learn more at STEM Careers Coalition 

Celebrate a new approach to at-home learning this year with versatile family resources designed for learning environments of every kind. You can spark more mind-blowing family fun over the holidays by exploring additional resources on the Discovery Education Experience platform. 

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