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Acampora Interiors
1. Light Blue and Breezy

Designers: Corinne C. Acampora of Acampora Interiors and D. Michael Collins Architects
Location: Brookline, Massachusetts
Size: 213 square feet (20 square meters); 13 feet, 8 inches by 15 feet, 7 inches

Homeowners’ request. Brighten the interiors while maintaining the spirit of the 1897 Jacobean-style home. The family room is an addition built by D. Michael Collins Architects. “Our clients wanted the home to feel warm, welcoming and family-friendly,” designer Corinne C. Acampora says. “And with two young children, it was critical that it be outfitted with durable fabrics and materials to withstand everyday wear and tear. The space, and home, needed to look polished and elegant but still offer the coziness and relaxed vibe of a family home.”

Main features. “The architectural features of the room, primarily the vaulted ceilings and large-scale windows, are some of the space’s standout features,” Acampora says. “They instantly make the space feel light, bright and airy — the exact effect that our clients sought. We celebrated these elements by designing custom outside-mount motorized roller shades, hidden behind a faux Roman valance. The shades can be left tucked away and unseen, but can be easily turned down to minimize glare when watching television. We also sourced a chandelier that fit the vaulted ceiling perfectly, echoing its lines and angles.”

Other special features. A cream, green and blue color palette. Built-in painted a light blue-green. Large sectional with Crypton performance fabric. Open floor space for toys and games.

Designer tip. “When you’re building an addition, it’s essential to honor the spirit of the home’s original architecture and materials, and weave those elements into the newly added space,” Acampora says. “For this home, it was all about paying homage to the home’s original woodwork and incorporating that in an organic way. The custom oak wood shelf on the built-in nods to the original oak woodwork and paneling seen throughout the rest of the house.”

Paint colors: Moonlight White in eggshell (walls), White Dove in semigloss (trim) and flat (ceiling), Alaskan Husky in satin (built-in)

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