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Now that 2020 has taught us so very much about flexible approaches to learning, let’s stop and take a moment to recognize the newfound strengths that this flexibility allows for educators. Join Discovery Education as we highlight a series of simple no-cost resources that enable educators not only to navigate but to thrive in the world of virtual learning. These standards-aligned digital tools will help you lead your students into the future of education by taking a creative approach to diverse learning environments. 

7 Professional Learning Pro-Tips  

  1. Cultivating trauma-informed educators is crucial to creating a better world for both students and adults. Teacher performance and student outcomes are simultaneously enhanced through improved stress-management skills and greater overall social-emotional learning. Explore no-cost, evidence-based e-learning modules that help build a community of advocates through trauma-informed practices and strategies.   Learn More at Ready, Set, RISE 
  2. In a time defined by transformation, education is still on the verge of its biggest change yet.
    The “Bringing Students Back to the Center” Learning Module empowers you to redefine the classroom experience so that students are actively participating in an engaging learning environment.
    Learn More at TGREDU: Explore 
  3. Data science helps bring real-world insights into any learning environment.
    Check out a new Educator Webinar for exciting ways to virtually connect your students to important data-driven innovations being used to make the world a better place.  
    Watch at Discover Data 
  4. Grab-and-go is always a good way to go for a world in flux.
    You can kick-start engaging STEM lessons in record time with a wide variety of 5-Minute Refresherswhich guide you through hands-on activities that are great for flexible learning environments.
    Explore at Siemens STEM Day 
  5. Transdisciplinary learning is where breakthroughs are born.
    Connect with educators from across the country at a Virtual TECHademy session live or on-demand, where you’ll receive resources and strategies for igniting computational thinking across subject areas.
    Reserve a Seat at Ignite My Future  
  6. Evidence-based discussion of substance misuse creates more resilient students.
    Prepare to address your students’ questions about the substance misuse in their communities with an Educator Training Video accompanying a new multi-drug video topic series.
    Learn more at Operation Prevention 
  7. Student STEAM exploration is alive and well using simple virtual workarounds.
    Find all the tools and tips you need to plan a science fair or STEAM event in your community with a Science Fair Leader Toolkitwhich is easily adaptable for virtual implementation.
    Get Started at Science Fair Central 

You can turn challenges in education into game-changing learning opportunities for you and your students using these innovative professional learning resources! Dive deeper into professional development with additional resources available on the Discovery Education Experience platform. 


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