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6 Nonverbal Communication Tips for a Great Job Interview



Nonverbal communication is often an overlooked aspect among many candidates preparing for the job interviews. Receiving a call for job interview brings one closer to one’s goal. But, the subsequent steps in this process have to be dealt with a great care. Effective nonverbal communication augments one’s chances of success in selection. Here are a few tips for improving your nonverbal communication.

1-Dressing for Success:

Either good or bad, your dressing plays a vital role in making your first impression. Strictly, do not follow the fashion trends but choose a decent dressing. Dress colors give a strong impact, choose neutral yet graceful shades like blue, grey or black for the suit. The most widely accepted colors for the shirt are white and light blue. Hairstyle shouldn’t be too formal or too casual. Get shining black polished shoes and avoid heals. Avoid being overdone with perfumes.

2-Manage Your Body Language:

Keep your mind and body alert during the interview and keep calm while waiting for your turn. Never ever get lousy or start using a phone. Be attentive and have a professional composure. Don’t cross your legs or shake your feet during the interview. Do not offer to shake hand unless the interviewers offer you to.

3-Be Excited rather Desperate:

Your facial expressions convey your thoughts in your words. Show your interest and enthusiasm in the work. Believe that you can do the job and benefit the company. The positive mental attitude should be reflected in every move during the interview.

4-Eye Contact:

Make sure that your eyes contact frequently with the interviewer. Avoid looking around in the room or looking at the floor or the roof. This indicates lack of confidence or interest in the conversation. Pay attention to the nonverbal clues given by the interviewer if he seems to be distracted or bored try to choose more appropriate words or topic.

5-Come Prepared:

Bring everything you are required to bring for the interview. Keep your required documents arranged in a file properly. Avoid putting them in your pocket, bag or in some outworn envelope. Your belongings also play an important role in nonverbal communication. Any important thing missing in the dossier could contribute to the deduction of points.

6-Nonverbal Communication at the End of the Interview

Ending of the interview is certainly the most vital moment in this context. Most of the times, the gesture of the candidate, in the end, is enough to analyze if you are going to be selected. Be careful of the nonverbal message you convey in the end. Don’t rush out. Pay goodbye greetings with thanks, give a smile to the entire panel and leave the room with confidence.

Nonverbal communication speaks louder than the verbal communication. Plan and prepare well for the interview. Practice in front of the mirror. Recording a video could be quite handy in preparation.


Source by Fahad Khokhar



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