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Especially, these days, many people, complain about the current President, in terms of his behaviors, ethics, actions, preparedness/ planning, etc! However, if, we truly, wish to avoid, a recurrence of this, and proceed, to learn some important lessons, for a better future, it is essential, for us, to make certain, necessary changes, and enact, specific guidelines, to make this nation, saner, and better! Although, there are probably, many needed changes, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 specific guidelines, to, hopefully, bring – about, future American Presidents, who better serve, and represent, all American citizens, instead of, merely, their core supporters, etc.

1. Guaranteeing Balance of Powers: Although, our Constitution, calls – for, a Balance of Powers, between the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches, of government, the events of the past few years, should have taught us, we must be more vigilant in protecting the specific differences, and powers, of each of these. President Trump has claimed he has the right to use funds, allocated, for other reasons, for, building his Southern Wall. Since budgetary powers, are supposed to be under Congressional control, doesn’t this present, a potential, clear, and present danger? When the current, Attorney General, often, seems to behave, like the President’s lawyer, rather than the people’s attorney, doesn’t this, endanger some basic principles?

2. President shouldn’t be permitted to over – ride, Congressional budgetary powers: What good, is our process, and principles, if, any President, is permitted, to, unilaterally, over – ride, specific powers, and authorities, called – for, in our Constitution, etc? What good, is the degree of partisan politics, when there seems to be very little attempt, at seeking common ground, and some sort of meeting, of the minds?

3. No one above the law: No one must be permitted, to be, above the law, whether, he is the President, a Senator, Congressman, or holds, any other position, elected, or appointed! Shouldn’t the rule – of – law, count more!

4. All appointments must be approved, by both Houses of Congress, instead of one: Both, the House of Representatives, and the Senate, both, must approve, every appointment, from the President, not, merely, by a majority, but, by, for example, 53%. Doing so, would require, a greater degree of cooperation, in a bipartisan manner! In addition, we must limit, having longer – term, temporary appointments, who may have conflicts.

5. Stricter ethical requirements: We need stronger, ethical standards, and, must enforce these! Instead of empty rhetoric, about draining the swamp, we need, to ensure, this becomes, the necessary, normal behavior/ action! We’ve seen too many conflicts of interest, and these, are not, in our nation’s best interests!

6. Separation between campaign, and Presidential duties: If, we want, incumbent Presidents, to be, subject, to a fair review, by the voters, we must demand, stricter separation, between campaign expenses, and true, Presidential ones! How often, have we seen, Presidents enjoy the power of their office, in terms of travel, entertainment, and associated, campaign situations!

If we want better Presidents, we must learn, and make important changes, to ensure, these individuals are accountable, for their actions, behaviors, etc. There must be protections, and ramifications, or we risk, continuing these abuses!

Source by Richard Brody


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