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Although, President Trump’s core supporters, are, perhaps, the most dedicated, supportive, committed ones, in recent memory, seeming to be willing to overlook, or not pay attention, to many of his actions, and activities, the majority of Americans, consider him, in an unfavorable manner! His combination of rhetoric/ vitriol, apparent biases/ prejudices, blaming and complaining (and avoiding/ refusing to take/ assume personal responsibility), and what, many consider, a considerable amount of abuses of power, seem to indicate, there is a need, to make specific changes, in terms of the powers, etc, of future Presidents, in order to ensure, a more – perfect union! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 specific, necessary changes, which are indicated, needed, and necessary, to ensure, we don’t see this again.

1. Transparency: The specific rules, regarding the conduct, behavior, dealings, potential conflicts, etc, must be clearly, spelled – out, in an attempt, to mandate far – greater, transparency, and protections, against future abuses by our Chief Executive. We have witnessed, very little of this, in terms of Trump’s personal finances (and potential, areas of concern), health, business involvements, and personal behavior, and possible, criminality, etc!

2. Ethics: Ethics must be, far – more, than a philosophical concept, and, rather, a clear – cut, set of principles, ideals, and ideology, every President, must live, and perform, by! In recent memory, we have never observed, as many conflicts of interest, and ethical challenges, as we have, in our current one!

3. Appointments: Shouldn’t the appointments, made by a President, need to be approved, based on their qualifications, lacks of conflict, etc? When, former lobbyists, are appointed, to Cabinet positions, which are, at – conflict, with their previous choices, and preferences, shouldn’t there be some mandated controls? We have never witnessed, as many, Acting Secretary’s, as in this administration, and how could that, possibly, benefit the nation, society, etc? Don’t we need, and deserve, the best and the brightest, instead?

4. Balance of Powers: The Founding Fathers, felt, so strongly, there was a need, to ensure, too much power, did not fall into any individual’s hands, they created, a Balance of Powers, between the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of our government! However, when the Judicial appointments, have seemed, on several occasions, to be, closer to political – hacks with a dominant political agenda), than qualified, impartial, fair jurors, this separation, is weakened! When the Executive uses Congressionally – approved, funds, in ways, other than directed – for, etc, another level of protection, is diminished. When partisan politics, seems, so – often, to be the emphasis, rather than the greater good, our system of government, is, in potential peril!

5. Service, to all: The President of the United States, rightly, or wrongly, is, often, looked – at, as an example, which many emulate, and follow! When, he selectively enforces laws, rules, and Constitutional guarantees, and polarizes, more than unifies, our concept of liberty, justice, freedom, and service/ representation, to – all, is harmed!

If we want the past 4 years, to become, an aberration, rather than normal, and a prevailing future pattern, we need to ensure, changes are made, to protect against this undesirable scenario! Will you demand better, and more?

Source by Richard Brody


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