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What does the United States stand for, and represent, unless all the protections and freedoms granted via the Constitution are prioritized and guaranteed? I often feel, if our Founding Fathers were able to witness, what’s going on today, it would bring tears to their eyes because, what they spent their blood, sweat, and tears fighting for, seems to be at – the risk of being lost, perhaps, forever! Whether one supports the present occupant of the White House or not, we should recognize that at least five of our Constitutional guarantees are, to say the least, under – siege! With that in mind, this article will attempt to examine, review, and discuss, what this means and represents, and why it’s an essential consideration for the future sustainability of our democracy.

1. Separation of Church and State: Our Founding Fathers felt strongly that it was essential for there to be a separation of church, and state, in our nation. In fact, few people realize, our Pledge of Allegiance did not include the phrase, under God, after, on the nation, until the 1950’s (in response to the McCarthy hearings and witch – hunt). There shouldn’t even be a legislative consideration, of things, such as school prayer, removing restrictions of the clergy to preach about politics (or get involved in fundraising), or any potentially religious issues, such as a Women’s Right to Choose, Court Judges and Justices’ religious beliefs, etc.

2. Balance of Powers: Our Constitution calls for a balance of powers between our three government branches, Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. This tri – partake approach was created to ensure, no one component might assume too much power and/ or control! When President Trump seems to ignore these limits/ limitations, it ignores the important concept of no one individual being above the law!

3. Freedom, liberty, and justice, for all: Whether one likes a specific ethnic or political group/ component or not, it is essential to demand our basic Constitutional requirements, for freedom, liberty, and justice, for all, must be protected! When this President appears to use a rhetorical message, emphasizing vitriol and prioritizing appealing to his core supporters, instead of serving the common good (including those who won’t vote for him), it creates a precedent that threatens our way of life. We must demand, protect all of these, and, especially, the Freedom of the Press, Free Speech, Women’s Rights, Civil Rights, and human rights!

4. Civil Rights: When our nation was founded, neither women nor African – Americans were granted equal rights and protections. It took, until the Civil War, in the 1860s, and the Women’s movement, in the early 1900s, to amend these injustices! When Trump says, Make America Great Again, is it focused on the common good, or a backward, prejudiced look, at returning to days of less than equal justice, etc.?

5. Women’s Rights: Since women represent more than half the population, why do they still receive less pay for the same work! Why are men permitted to legislate about the female body? Why do women represent such a small percentage of our representatives and upper – level business leaders?

Wake up, America, or, soon, you will no longer be able to recognize this nation, nor will you have anything to make you proud to be an American! Oppose and speak against someone else’s’ politics and opinions if you disagree, but protect their rights, participate, and articulate them!

Source by Richard Brody



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