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Ranging from tree-shaped butter sculptures to true crime Christmas ornaments, this list of funny gift ideas is sure to get a laugh from family and friends this holiday season.

Some hilarious stand out examples include the jockstrap-scented candles from BABE Wine and Ryan Porter that will have users nostalgic over football games; the ‘Tiger King’ tree bauble from Burke Decor; the Keller Christmas Tree Shaped Butter Sculpture that makes the perfect hosting gift; and the STOVE TOP limited-edition ‘Stuffy Thanksgiving’ collection that is “sure to turn your 2020 turkey dinner into a formal affair, whether celebrating in person or virtually.”

For those that can’t celebrate with their loved ones in person this year, Jose Cuervo is giving fans the opportunity to send a life-sized cardboard ‘Doppeldrinker’ of themselves to friends and family.

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