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It’s likely that all you’ve been thinking about for the past couple of months are gifts for everyone on your list, but there’s one other holiday that tends to get swallowed up in all the madness, and that’s New Years Eve. Here’s how it generally works: you eat cookies and hang out with your family until about Dec. 27, at which point you realize you’re probably going to have to attend a party in a few days, and you need something fun to wear. Then you run around like crazy sifting through after-Christmas sales trying to find a dress you actually like and settle on something kind of meh. Well, not this year.

These 14 dresses can all be shipped to you last minute, so whether you’re holed up in a cabin with your family or living your best life on the beach, you can still get a fun outfit by New Year’s Eve. Of course, we found lots of sequined options, because we like to embrace each holiday, but we also found picks that are sparkle-free, if that’s more your vibe. Consider this the gift you’re getting yourself this year.

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