Why book Bag of Knowledge Matters!

Americans are “alarmingly uninformed” about the USA’s history, founding principles and economy, our legal system, and government functions, — knowledge needed to participate wisely in civic life, from a commissioned report.

Our main mission is to inform the public about the “core” systems we all must deal with in America. Such as, our Legal System, Governmental Services, Housing and Environmental Issues, Employment and Housing Laws, the Food industry and FDA regulations, and other important areas.

Once informed we intend to educate in more detail  so that the magnitude of the situation is fully understood and engaged.
By creating an innovative platform with very engaging features.

How we do this is by offering each person a personalized digital folder to keep all the categories and topics that matter at their fingertips in one organized place. As you engage in the process of being informed and educated, there will be real world tangible rewards that will impact your life in many ways. And it’s all free and open to all!

Explore these recent articles reinforcing the mission and concept of Book Bag of Knowledge.

Fear of math is harmful to your health. This woman wants to help.

Article – Sandy Bauers, For the Philadelphia Inquirer
June 27, 2018 – 4:46 PM
Too many Americans don’t have enough skill with basic math to calculate medication timing, never mind making complicated medical treatment decisions. Link to article:http://www.philly.com/philly/health/fear-of-math-is-harmful-to-your-health-this-woman-wants-to-help-20180629.html

1) California judge finalizes ruling on coffee cancer warnings
A Los Angeles judge has finalized a ruling that Starbucks Corp and other coffee sellers must serve up a cancer warning with coffee sold in California. Why only California?

2) HeadLine-Entertainer Cardi B Knows More About Politics Than You Do
In a new profile in GQ, Cardi admits that she loves poli sci! She loves government! And she’s obsessed with the presidents. “I’m always watching the news. I’m always looking at it on my phone. I hate when you talk about something that’s going on in the community, people think, because you’re famous, you are doing it for clout. But you concerned about it because you are a citizen of America; you are a citizen of the world.”
Case in point, Cardi has previously made videos talking about her taxes, most recently saying she wants updates on what the government is doing with her money: Check Book Bag of Knowledge section: Know Your State!

3) A police officer in Alpharetta, Georgia, has been suspended after he was caught on dashcam video roughly handling a 65-year-old woman during a traffic stop. She refused to sign a traffic stop ticket because she thought it was an admission of guilt. She was not aware of the Law in Georgia.

In a statement posted on Facebook, a spokesperson with the Alpharetta Department of Public Safety said the woman had refused to sign her ticket during a traffic stop on May 4 and was told she would be placed under arrest if she did not cooperate. A spokesperson added that signing a ticket is required in Georgia, and that officers are permitted to take those ticketed into custody to be brought before a magistrate to pay a cash bond as a “promise to appear in court.”

4) Quote from Michael Rubin, Billionaire Co-Owner Philadelphia 76ers regarding his lack of knowledge about our criminal justice system.

“This was one of my closest friends and I watched something terrible happen to him,” Rubin said at his Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, office. “It started with, how do we fix the situation with him? I said, ‘My God, this is horrific.’ What it showed me was, there are much bigger problems with the criminal justice system which I had no understanding of. We’re not going to let what happened to Meek Mill happen to everyday Meek Mills.”

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