Mastering our financial systems

Where’s the Money

The Basics

Learn basic financial Language and concepts


The real deal on how to invest

Financial Freedom

Build and maintain financial stability

International/Global Understanding

Develop an understanding of how our foreign policies impact our standings globally

  1. State of Foreign Affairs
  2. International Trade Agreements
  3. Business Affairs Overseas
  4. US Ambassadors
  5. Extradition Laws Abroad

Become an informed citizen of the world

      The Animation Scenario Theater

OK, it’s time to have some fun!

This is where you can submit a skit that will hopefully enlighten others. It can be satire, comedy, dramatic or dramedy. Keep it clean, relavent and entertaining.  


You can choose characters from our Library or upload your own.


Lyrical Flow:

The Power is in the Verses, Flow and Message


Outward Peace


 Release Your Inner Thunder!