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I am seeking a diverse group who are committed to empowering the masses with relavent real-world useful information to enhance their every-day lives.

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Please consider becoming a knowledge giver/sharer, or maybe even a partner. We Welcome those who share our vision.

Opportunities to become a Partner :

Being a part of a new start up requires a strong dedication to travel unchartered waters. Maybe you have had a sincere desire to go on, your emotions having built up over time, from experiences, good or bad lay the foundation and drives the energy towards entrepreneurial ambitions and ideas. When you reach the point to go for it, where commitment to new opportunities becomes strong and all the built-up passion, emotion and desire is unleashed.

Insider Advantages
“Beyond its founders, early employers, and family members, the biggest winners from recent IPO’s will be well-connected insider investors who parlayed their wealth and contacts into a piece of equity — a common story in today’s unequal economy. Ordinary investors have been largely excluded from this opportunity”.

Civic Inequality
“The new wealth created by IPO’s will empower stockholders to exercise significant sway over American politics, policy, and culture through campaign donations and philanthropy — further tilting influence over U.S. life to wealthy elites/privilege insiders and exacerbating civic inequality”.

Join Us:

Our philosophy is that to create a balanced, equitable distribution of wealth we encourage small to average investors to take this opportunity to get in on the ground floor of this start up.

Wayne Smith

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