How It All Works?

Signing Up

1st) Signing up is a free no obligation process.

2nd) You have the option to participate as a rewards member or just a knoweldge seeker, in both cases we Welcome and Thank you!

3rd) If you decide to sign up as a rewards member you will be able to participant and earn knowledge credits which can be redeemed for usefull social rewards.

Note: (These are not college level credits and thus cannot be used as such).

They are only used on this site to rewared members.

4th) Regardless of how you sign up, you will have the opportunity to choose your very own personalized magazine style digital efolder. This will allow you to keep informed about the categories that interest you.

Choose Your Digital Folder

Personalized Digital Folder: You choose your categories, style & design.

     Personalized Digital Folder: Choose Your Categories And Design

Hello! I’m Candice

This is my very own personalized magazine style digital folder with the categories I’ve chosen.
This folder will allow me have all my topics categorized. Meaning as I drag and drop or send articles to my digital folder they will automatically be sorted into the right categories.
The other neat feature is that folder will not be flooded like my regular email folders with junk I don’t want. All advertising products and servies will go directly into my product knowledge folder for me to view at my pleasure.

My Money
Freedom! Im Rich Bit$h
Social Issues/Causes
Books & Magazines
Life is Hard/Give me some tips
Your State

Inspiration/steps to success!


What are Knowledge Credits?

Knowledge credits unlike college credits, are earned in the real world at no cost to you, you only accumulate knowledge that will get you real world rewards, Not Debt! by simply signing up to knowlege up! and become an active participant.

“Why Knowledge Credits”

We figure one of the best ways to reward effort and participation is to offer real-world tangible incentives that will impact one’s life. What better way to inform, educate and empower with meaningfull knowledge.

“How To Earn Them”

-As a rewards member you must earn 125 knowledge credits to enter the social rewards drawings

You can earn knowledge credits in three ways:

1. From your insightful responses to questions from each knowledge station’s feature articles which can include all the other featured topics on the site. Responses must be thought-out, researched and be at least two or more paragraphs

2. By completing four short real-world knowledge certificates developed by professionals in each field.

3. By passing our comprehensive knowledge up! exam which shows you have a good understanding and grasp of the “core” areas relating to real-world knowledge.

Drawings will take place once each month with the hope of increasing as we grow.

Note: See Sample Below on how to submit responses for knowledge credit

“How To Redeem Them”

After earning 125 or more knowledge credits you can redeem them

a. Enter to win Social Rewards
b. Earn a Real-World Knowledge Certificate and t-Shirt
c. Create Something Amazing!


“Social Rewards Categories”

* All new insulated windows up to $4500
* New roof for your house up to 7500
* New Hardwood floors for your living, dining and family rooms
* $3500 loaded master/visa card
* 6 months’ rent up to $5500
* $3500 towards car repairs
*$5,000 towards student loans
* $New wardrobe, includes, 3 suits, 5shirts, 5ties, and 2 pairs of shoes
* Ultimate entertainment center: including 55-inch HDTV, Bose surround sound system, DVD, one-year paid cable service
*Kitchen remodel from local certified contractor up to $5000
* Start your own business kit- includes $5000, business coach, and custom website
* One year of groceries/ $375 per month allowance
* Dental work up to $5,500
* One-year health insurance plus health club membership
* Tablet or laptop with software loaded
* Healthy Make over
* 2,000 foryour favorite cause
* Dinner for two at your favorite restaurant, twice a month for six months, plus one entertainment event per month
* $5,000 towards your favorite causes or charities
* $5000 for assistive technology for the disabled
* $5000 house make-over
* $5000 scholarship for college or technical training
* Random bill payment-at any location, must be registered with a BB of K folder,
Tell us where you shop, and we could surprise you by calling the store and have them place a Bill payment shopping spree card at the counter for you.
One reward will be given away each month/ type of awards available for member selection will be based on available funds at the end of each month
**Once each member reaches 50 knowledge credits, we will match one dollars for every one dollar You donate to a favorite cause of the month up to $500, from either members or business sponsors
                                         $1000 to your  favorite cause or charity ( must be approved by board)

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