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Who we are

What is Book Bag of Knowledge?

An engaging, creative and innovative way to stay informed and educated about topics important in the real world.

Learning how to navigate every-day challenges and being rewarded with redeemable earned knowledge credits.

Information we all need to empower us In the real world.

  Why book Bag of Knowledge Matters!


Increase Your Real-World IQ 

How we do this

1. Focus on our “core” systems
2. knowledge experts/sharers
3. Provide a digital folder
4. Incentivize with impactful rewards!

From my experience over the years, I have found that a good percentage of people fall within these three categories.

 Level  3

Those who approach any challenge as a necessary learning process and decide to get the knowledge needed to navigate most challenges


People at Level 3

Level  2

Those who have learned one way or another how to navigate or function on a basic level


People at Level 2

Level  1

Those who are challenged with understanding and navigating important “core” systems


People at Level 1


Similiar to the “common core” curriculum in the school system or the required “major courses” in college. We have carefully selected the areas needed in the real world we all must learn how to navigate.

Our Legal System

Employment Laws
Your Rights as a Citizen
Housing Laws

Housing & Environment

Sustainable Housing
Environmental Issues
Your Rights as a Tenant

Governmental Services

Government Departments
Social Services

Business of Politics


Health & Healing Arts

Alternative Healthcare
Understanding Food Labels

Global Affairs

Foreign Policy
International Trade

Consumer Education

Consumer Rights
Credit System
Purchasing Power

Ethics & Morality

Roles in Society
Being Responsible
Moral Obligations

Culture, Design & Style

Cultural Tolerance
Appropriate Fashion
Lessons in Style

Bio-Tech & Society

Clinical Trials
Artificial Intelligence

Everyday Useful Skills

Everyday Applied Math
Writing and Comunication skills. Financial Literacy

Social Awareness

Social Responsibility
Active Citizenship
Social Causes/Organizations
No Theory, No Tuition, No “Nutty” Professors
No Wasted time, No long Lectures

Our inclusive culture is defined by our mission and values as we Welcome All!
No knowledge giver is marginalized
We believe that real world knowledge comes from those with distinctive experiences, perspectives, insights and talents.
From the nondegreed, community college, thru top tier universities

Learn from Knowledge Sharers/Givers in the Real World

Use your Navigation skills

Learn from Book Bag of Knowledge how to properly seek out answers and solutions to eveyday situations we all face in life.

Earn Knowledge Credits

Chose your very own personalized digital folder with all the categories and topics important to you.

Redeem your Knowledge credits for impactful rewards

Knowledge Journey begins!